My name is Valeri V. Karpov, I’m a lifelong software developer, entrepreneur, amateur chef and sommelier, and all-purpose geek. I got my start as a Software Development intern for Intronis Technologies when I was 17. At Princeton, I had my first taste of life as a CTO when I co-founded a highly successful mobile gaming venture called SCVNGR with Seth Priebatsch out of the Lauritzen Hall 4th Floor Study Room at Princeton. I later interned at Google, where I was drilled in TDD by Misko Hevery, the author of AngularJS. I have a BSE in Computer Science from Princeton, where I wrote my independent work papers on data structures and theoretical computer vision under the tutelage of Professor Robert Tarjan. After graduation I worked at High Frequency Trading firm Tower Research Capital. My latest venture is The Ascot Project, a hyper-portable image augmentation tool for tagging articles of clothing in images.

My preferred tools are MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS – a powerful combination that I have dubbed the MEAN stack.  Most of my projects are built using MEAN, and I have found that it is especially effective for hackathons and other high-pressure development environments.  I have experience working with a wide variety of software tools and tasks, ranging from writing Office plugins in .NET, to writing highly performant C++ and Intel assembly code for HFT, to full stack web and mobile development.

Want to contact me?  Shoot me an email at valkar207@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have. You can also find me on github at https://github.com/vkarpov15

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